Experience, pride and quality… these are what make the potatoes we grow in Benu farms so special. Our potatoes are the product of generations of sustainable farming knowledge. From the day they are planted to the day they reach the table of food lovers around the world, potatoes from Benu reflect the care and experience of growers like us. We are dedicated to growing the best potatoes possible.


Here at Benu Potatoes, we believe you can grow your business by accessing the many high-quality potato products available. We want to help you understand what is available and how best to use these products.

Our highly qualified staff go through a serious of rigorous quality control checks on the potatoes which include that of dry matter, sugar content and skin finish and all the other necessary checks to ensure you are getting the best quality potatoes at all times.

Dedicated Benu growers make sure that buyers can count on a consistent, during the season supply of high-quality potato products.

Benu growers offer a rich selection of high-quality potatoes. Our goal is to cultivate potatoes that are again full of flavor and bursting with nutrition. It’s our job to bring the potato back to its original glory.

You can always count on the professional shipping, delivering and the handling experience you’ll find at Benu. We are there for you at all times.