Solar Pump

Changing the directions from Diesel pump to solar pump in irrigation system is one of the most applications which reflect directly on the life of the people.

Cultivation of desert, reducing the operation cost for crops and providing energy to the agriculture land is a big challenge for sustainable economy.

Solar water pump simply can work far from the local grid, in a ruler land. The solar pumping system can pump water from rivers, lakes or wells efficiently and  can secure the energy demand in many locations. The pattern of irrigation is significantly affecting the design of the energy system. In some application, saving water in tanks or small pools could be much more affordable than saving electricity in batteries. In other applications using simple solar tracking system can increase the daily quantity of water according to the water demand pattern.

In farms it is applicable to start with simple solar power generation units to drive the existing pumps during day, up to mini grid based on hybrid system between Solar, Diesel Generator and wind to cover the energy demand for irrigation.

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