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Peanuts are great-tasting, healthy power ingredients. Research shows that the fat, protein and fiber in nuts promote health and may reduce risks of chronic disease when consumed as part of a healthy diet. Peanuts can be made into flour, oil and other ingredient that combine well in recipes and products of all kinds.

As consumers become savvier about health and nutrition, manufacturers have opportunities to create new generations of products that help people make positive lifestyle changes through the food they purchase, cook and consume.

Our Benu farms supply the highest quality of peanuts in shell. They are available in bulk and institutional sizes that provide sustainable provisioning for all consumers.

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Experience, pride and quality… these are what make the potatoes we grow in Benu farms so special. Our potatoes are the product of generations of sustainable farming knowledge. From the day they are planted to the day they reach the table of food lovers around the world, potatoes from Benu reflect the care and experience of growers like us. We are dedicated to growing the best potatoes possible.